How to Repair Bathroom Drain Clogged

The bathroom drain clogged is one of the common problems that commonly happen in the bathroom. For the people who is unfamiliar about how to fix the clogged bathroom drain, probably ask the plumber to fix the problem is one of the best idea, the plumber will fix the problem in minutes and makes the bathroom drain can work normally again.

But, if the bathroom drain clog problem is not really difficult to be solved, just consider repairing it by yourself. Basically the drain clog is the general problem in bathroom. One of the ways which can be done by the people so solve the clogged drain is by removing the drain cover. The first thing that people can do to solve the problem is by removing the cover of the drain. Commonly underneath the drain there are accumulated things that hamper the water flow into the drain.
The other things that people can do to solve the bathroom drain clogged are by removing tub stopper. Several drains are installed with tub stoppers. Therefore just open the tub stopper, or twist it to unscrew. Then remove plate with trip, commonly in the stopper you can find articles like hair that is stuck in the stopper.


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