Amazing Rustic Bathroom Designs

Could you imagine what your bathroom interior would be with rustic bathroom designs? It will surely look amazing. Decorating bathroom with rustic style seems to be one growing trend today. This style indeed gives strong classic touch to the design. Meanwhile, it also usually equips some life plants and or natural stone to decorate the room. Those elements will make your bathroom feel more natural.

Rustic Mediterranean bathroom designs give different design among some classic rustic bathroom designs. Some other rustic designs such as Tuscan or Roman style usually equip single material to the design. If for example they equip ceramic, they will use ceramic to the entire room. However, rustic Mediterranean is different. It will be more varied in equipping its elements. Mediterranean rustic bathroom usually equip natural rustic stone to the wall. Some life plants will make the atmosphere fresher. Besides, the flooring mostly equips marble. Those make the Mediterranean design look more alive with combination of some elements.

Equipping wooden rustic bathroom design could be another nice idea. Besides it has some natural elements from natural stones and life plants, wooden elements can be applied as well. Wood elements in bathroom design can be for its floor to be the wooden parquet. It would look nicer for your rustic bathroom designs.


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