Fascinating Tuscan Bathroom Design

Classic design such as Tuscan bathroom design always impresses people. Tuscan design is close to Roman design that makes them have some similarities. As the two designs come from the mid-century, they have strong classic touch. They mostly equip rustic color that will strengthen its classic look. However, Tuscan design is more preferable due to it looks more humble.

Tuscan design often equips rustic limestone tile. Rustic limestone will easily give classic taste to the bathroom design. The rustic limestone tile is usually arranged into standard diagonal style. It looks simply impressive with the rustic look. Meanwhile, the combination with floral pattern will also make it more natural to the rustic Tuscan bathroom design. However, if you do not really like limestone tile to your bathroom, marble would be another suit choice. Marble is also a unique material. You would find its character grows stronger as it gets older.

Light decoration will make your Tuscan bathroom design looks greater. Even though Tuscan design is a classic design, you can still combine it with artificial lighting decoration. Rustic color will create great effect if it is touched with appropriate lighting. You will feel like dragged to the mid-century and served by fascinating Roman Emperor’s bathroom in Tuscan bathroom design.


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